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Radon Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that has been shown to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States (after tobacco smoking). It occurs naturally in the soils in some areas of the country, including much of New Jersey. If the air in your home has high levels of Radon (above 4.0 pCi/l), both the EPA and the NJDEP recommend mitigation, which is generally a straightforward process of installing ventilation equipment in the home.

Our radon technicians are licensed by the NJDEP for all of the radon tests that we perform. We use only DEP licensed laboratories to process our test canisters. Proper handling of the test equipment is key to obtaining accurate results for these inspections.

For our real estate transactions, we use charcoal test canisters, which adsorb radon in the air during exposure and provide an average radon reading over the 2-6 days that they are exposed in the house. We also can perform radon testing using continuous monitors for better control of test conditions, or to meet the requirements of some Corporate purchasers.

Long-term radon tests are also available. These are most appropriate for people who already own a home and who may already have had a short-term test performed that indicated a marginal radon reading. Long-term tests (those longer than 90 days) give the most accurate long-term average reading of the radon levels in the home during normal living conditions. Contact us for details.

Testing Granite Countertops, or other granite surfaces

Radon gas evolves naturally from the radioactive decay of uranium minerals in certain rocks and soils.  The geologic processes that form uranium minerals also deposit other minerals that collectively form certain types of granite.  If that granite is quarried and installed in a home, the radon evolving from the uranium in the granite will increase the overall radon levels in the home.  While some recent media reports have pointed towards countertops as a potential problem, any granite surfaces could be a source of radon in the home.  Almost Home can perform testing to determine whether granite materials in the home are causing unhealthful levels of radon within the breathing space.

Key Benefits

Professional testing is the only way to accurately determine the radon levels in your home.
If your home has high radon levels, mitigation can reduce your long-term lung cancer risk.
In high radon areas, most home buyers expect sellers to pay for installation of radon mitigation systems. Testing prior to buying can reduce your liability.

Types of Radon Testing

  • Short Term Tests
    Short term testing (2-6 days) is performed with charcoal test canisters. Short term tests provide a quick determination of the average radon level during the test. These tests are most common in real estate transactions where cost and time are the main concerns.
  • Long Term Tests
    Long term testing (over 90 days) is performed using alpha-track detectors. These devices give a true average reading over the time period that they are exposed. This type of testing is very popular for long term monitoring, or better definition of the average radon level if a short term test resulted in borderline radon levels.
  • Continuous Radon Monitors
    Continuous radon monitors are sophisticated electronic devices that measure the radon levels continuously during exposure, then calculate an average radon level. They also generally include sensitive antitampering tools and provide the highest level of security when determining radon levels. These devices are often used when the test must be performed in a house not occupied by the person responsible for the test. The security features provide extra assurance that proper test conditions were maintained.
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