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Almost Home News

7/09 - Our President, Peter Engle, has earned his EIFS Special Inspector Certificate from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, in accordance with the requirements of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (NJUCC).  Peter is now fully certified to perform EIFS Special Inspections as required for Class I buildings.

7/08 - Recent news reports have discussed possible risk of radon and radiation exposure from certain granite countertops (NY Times, 7/24/08).  Almost Home can provide testing for radon in countertops and give advice on how to proceed.  See our Radon page for details

4/08 - We are proud to announce that our President, Peter Engle, has been accepted for membership into the National Academy of Forensic Engineers.  Peter is now a Board Certified Diplomate of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards through NAFE.  Acceptance into the Academy is open to only those top engineers in the field of Forensics who have earned membership through proven experience in the field.

1/08 - Our President, Peter Engle, presented a session on EIFS and stucco and the home inspector's responsibilities for inspection of these products at the National Convention of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) in New Orleans, LA.

3/07 - Our President, Peter Engle, has now earned his certifications through the International Code Council (ICC) for the designations of Residential Building Inspector and Residential Mechanical Inspector.  With these new certifications, we will be able to more thoroughly support our clients, including both our buyers of new residential housing and our customers who build them. 

1/06 - We are proud to announce that our President, Peter Engle, has been awarded the John E. Cox Member of the Year award at ASHI's national convention in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Congratulations, Pete for receiving one of ASHI's highest honors.

10/05 - Our President, Peter Engle, has been named Chair of the ASHI national Complaints on Ethical and Professional Practices committee.  Peter has built a national reputation for his knowledge of home inspection ethics through his legislative activities, his ethics education seminars, and through his online and personal ethics coaching of other ASHI members.  We are happy that Peter can use his background and experience to help ASHI maintain its position as the leader in ethical standards for the home inspection profession.

1/05 - Our President, Peter Engle, has been named to Chair the ASHI Director's Nominating Committee.  This is Peter's first committee chair position with ASHI national, and we congratulate him for accepting this responsibility.  Peter also serves on the ASHI Council of Representatives as the representative of the Garden State Chapter, and also as the New Jersey & New York Group Leader.

11/04 - We are proud to announce the award of a New Jersey Historic Trust Grant of $227,525 for the restoration of Fair Haven's Bicentennial Hall. Almost Home wrote the grant proposal for this round, and after a nine near misses with other authors in the past, we have finally qualified the building for the Trust grant process. Almost Home is the Project Manager for the restoration, and we are now administering over $300,000 of local, state and federal grants for this project.

11/03 - Almost Home has donated their inspection services to 180 Turning Lives Around, formerly the Women's Center of Monmouth County. We are assisting them in purchasing 4 residential spaces for women and families.

6/03 - Pete Engle (Our President) has been elected to be President of the Garden State Chapter of ASHI. Congratulations!

2/03 - Home Inspection Licensing: Pete Engle is one of the first group of home inspectors licensed by the State of NJ. Pete is also the legislative chair for Garden State ASHI and the affiliated Chapters of ASHI.

2001 - We've expanded our construction supervision inspections. We now provide supervision of all wall claddings: EIFS, cement stucco, Brick & masonry veneers, etc. We work for the builder or building owner to provide quality control of the subcontrator's work.

12/00 - Almost Home is now certified to perform EIFS 3rd party inspections. These inspections are now required on many larger EIFS installations, both commercial and residential. Some manufacturers require them on every installation, if the warranty is going to be valid. We inspect the EIFS as it is installed, to verify that the applicator is doing it the right way.

4/99 - We've Been Published!
You can now see articles written by Pete Engle and Amy Kresloff in the Two River Times, the local paper for the Red Bank area. We will be writing articles about old & new houses every two or three weeks until they get tired of us. Pick up a copy, or click on "articles" to see what we've written so far.

3/99 - EIFS Inspections
Now Introducing, By Popular Demand!...............After studying the problems concerning EIFS and moisture intrusion for over a year, we have added EIFS inspections to our list of services. EIFS is a synthetic stucco product that has been having problems with moisture intrusion which causes decay in buildings. This material is becoming more common in our area, and so are the moisture problems associated with it.

3/99 - Building Performance and IAQ
We attended another set of classes which addressed building physics, moisture and migration pathways, control of microbial contamination, and identification of pollution sources. These classes are adding to our expertise in diagnosing and solving building performance related IAQ issues.

4/98 - Preservation Activities
We have been attending a number of Preservation seminars and related activites through the year to polish our Old-House skills and build relationships with the Preservation community. As a member of Preservation New Jersey, Almost Home is participating in PNJ's Lecture Series and old house fair on 4/4/98
1/98 - ASHI '98 Annual Convention
The entire staff of Almost Home attended the ASHI '98 conference in New Orleans. A good time was had by all. The annual conference is an opportunity for all of us to learn some new subjects and techniques, brush up on skills, and do some networking. Everyone attended about 20 hours of educational sessions, and we picked up some really useful new information.
6/97 - Commercial Inspections
We now offer inspections on commercial, light industrial and apartment buildings. Our Professional Engineers will pay the same high level of attention to your building that they do for the homes we inspect. Our Engineers are licensed and trained in the unique features of all types of buildings and their major systems.
2/97 - Almost Home Donates its Services to Preservation Red Bank
Almost Home is donating its inspection and engineering services to Preservation Red Bank, a local not-for-profit historic preservation organization. We are acting as Project Managers for their attempts to save the Rullman House (a local historic landmark dating from the 1830's) from destruction. The house is currently owned by the Borough of Red Bank where it is located in a park under development. Preservation Red Bank is trying to encourage the Borough to rehab the house for civic uses and include it as an integral part of the fabric of the park.

3/96 - Almost Home has donated their inspection services to the Women's Center of Monmouth County.
The Women's Center has received funding to support their purchase of temporary housing for battered women and their families, and Almost Home is aiding their effort by inspecting 6 separate properties and identifying repairs and improvements necessary before they are occupied.

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