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Moisture Consulting

Moisture intrusion into building is becoming a larger and larger issue in building owner's experiences. There are arguments that this is due to decreasing construction quality, decreasing quality of materials, "tighter" building envelopes, media attention, mold hype, and the list goes on. Regardless of the cause for concern, buildings should not be wet. 

Moisture intrusion causes direct damage to building finishes, furniture and contents. Over time, moisture intrusion leads to mold growth that can cause serious structural damage and health concerns. It is important to address moisture intrusion as early as possible, and to address it in a manner that provides permanent solutions to sometimes difficult problems.

We are expert in identifying the sources of moisture intrusion into buildings, and we use our knowledge of building physics to better understand how moisture migrates through buildings as water vapor, condensation, liquid water flow, etc. As building scientists, we understand the relationship between building pressures, temperatures, moisture migration pathways, occupant usage patterns, and all of the other variables that can lead to moisture problems.  

Our "holistic" approach to building performance and our expertise with all building systems allow us to evaluate entire buildings as an interrelated system and to often locate the source of moisture problems in minutes when others have been unable to do so in many visits.

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