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Litigation, Arbitration, and Mediation - Forensic Engineering & Expert Testimony

Forensic Engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to assist in resolving cases of legal dispute over some aspect of the built environment.  Or more simply, we apply our knowledge of engineering and building science to assist our clients in legal cases involving their homes or commercial buildings. 

After the initial investigations are complete and we understand the magnitude of corrective action that may be necessary, it is an unfortunate fact that many cases end up in court or in some form of alternate dispute resolution process. We are experienced with all phases of these resolution mechanisms. Peter Engle has been qualified as an expert witness in court in New Jersey. He has studied the requirements for proper investigation, case preparation and expert testimony, and has prevailed in a number of cases, including multi-million dollar construction defect cases. Attorney references are available on request.

The role of the expert witness is to establish the facts of the case for the benefit of the court.  The Expert is not a "hired gun" who advocates for the client - that's the attorney's job.  It is critical that the expert remain impartial and that the expert stays firmly in the role of the "truth-teller."  Sometimes that means we have to give our clients bad news about their case or their chances of prevailing.  But this is a very important part of our job.  If your case is weak, it is far better to understand this early on rather than finding it out after investing thousands of dollars in additional fees.  We scrupulously maintain our impartiality in these cases to provide the best possible service to our clients.

As an expert witness, Peter has represented all sides in litigations: plaintiff & defense, homeowners, builder, contractors, and their insurance companies.  By maintaining a balanced portfolio of cases, Peter's credibility is unassailable. 

Peter also acts as a Forensic Consultant in cases.  In this case, his role is to advise the legal team rather than to provide testimony himself.  He will help the client and attorney put together an effective team of engineers, architects, and other experts, and advise them on legal and technical issues, discuss case strategies, etc. 

Arbitration - Homeowners and builders often enter the arbitration process through claims against their builder's 1/2/10 year homeowner's warranty that is required on every new home in NJ. We have participated in many arbitrations of these claims. We provide our clients with information and coaching on how to administer the claim from the initial discovery of a defect, preparation of reports, drafting claims to the warranty companies, and through to the final arbitration and damage awards. The homeowner warranty process was intended to be a quick and easy method of adjudicating disputes between homeowners and builders, but it is anything but that. You need an expert to help you navigate the process, and we have the experience you need to win.

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