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This page contains links to other sites that I have found interesting.  Of course, they may send you still further, etc.  As expected, we don't take any responsibility for the content or even the existence of these sites.  Use your own judgment concerning their value.

Building & Inspection Resources:

The Indagators, a social group of the best home inspectors on the planet, with sidelines ranging from viticulture to publishing humor columns to rocket science.   The information stored in these brains is pretty hard to match.  We have an online discussion group that provides members with the (correct) answer to most any possible building related question in minutes.  An invaluable resource for those in the loop.  Also a good site to find an inspector elsewhere in the country.

The American Society of Home Inspectors, the premier professional organization for home inspectors and home inspection in North America.   They also have a great list of links to other building sites.

Building Performance Contractor's Association, a group of contractors and other professional who understand and implement solutions to building performance issues.  These include comfort issues (hot/cold spots, dry or humid air, etc.), energy conservation, excessive fuel bills, health & indoor air quality, etc.  They also have more links to interesting energy sites.  This site serves the NY area, but they have members in other states as well.

The Energy Efficient Builder's Association, an organization dedicated to improving the performance and quality of building in America.   They provide education, research, public outreach, and contractor referrals.

Advanced Energy, an engineering group that is doing some of the best research on closed crawlspaces, insulation and air sealing, and other really important issues.

Building Science, another engineering company, lead by the guru of energy efficient and healthy houses (and my own personal building physics hero), Joe Lstiburek

New Jersey Home Inspection Directory where you can find an inspector for the home you are planning to buy in New Jersey

NJ Home Inspector Licensing and Regulation Information:

Home Inspector Licensing Statute (Law)

Home Inspector Licensing Regulations, including Standards of Practice and Prohibited Practices (Code of Ethics).  The first part of this document is commentary generated during the adoption process.  The actual adopted standards begin about half way through the document.  

Approved Home Inspection Training Schools

Home Inspector Training, Job Opportunities, etc. - A not-for-profit site that serves the home inspection community, helps new inspectors find trainers and job opportunities, and other good stuff.

Other Inspectors:

The inspectors below are all members of the Indagators, a loose collection of the best home inspectors on the planet. Together, the Indagators know everything that anyone can know about houses. If you need an expert inspector or consultant anywhere in the country, these are the people to contact.

AL, Huntsville

Bill Loden - http://www.insight-inspection.net

AZ, Arizona Statewide & Neighboring states

Scott Warga - American Construction Specialists and Investigations

CA, San Francisco Bay Area

Lawrence Hoytt - http://www.hoyttinspect.com

Mike Sterling - http://www.sissco.com

CO, Denver Area

Garet Denise - http://www.Cornerstone-Inspection.com

FL, Tampa Bay Area

Mark Cramer http://www.Best-Tampa-Inspector.com

Mark Cramer http://www.Tampa-Home-Inspector.com
Clearwater Real Estate with Hayslett Team

FL, North Central (Tallahassee)

Larry Cerro - http://www.homeinspect.com

IL, Chicago Area

Kurt Mitenbuler - http://www.chicagohomeprimer.com

MI - Metropolitan Detroit Area

Rick Bowling - http://www.inspect1.com

MI - Ann Arbor Area

Michael Hoberecht - http://www.inspectormike.com

Missouri, Brandon

Charlie Sessums http://www.AlphaInspection.com

NJ, Northern

Ken Salvo - http://www.ridgehomeinspection.com

NJ, Central

Pete Engle - http://www.Almosthome.com

TN, Nashville

Walter Jowers - http://www.housesenseinc.com

UT, Northern

Michael Leavitt - http://www.TheHomeInspector.com

VA, Central - Charlottesville Area

Peter Drenan - http://www.VAHomePro.com


Eastern Ontario

Brian Callaghan http://www.travel-net.com/~alert

Southern Ontario

Bill Mullen - http://www.bluewaterhomeinspection.com

The following inspectors are not Indagators, but they are still outstanding inspectors, and the best in their areas.  

Dan Friedman, NY Been in the business forever. Publishes really good stuff about buildings. One of the experts on fiberglass roof shingle failures. Also knows his stuff on home IAQ issues. A really good resource.

IAQ Resources:

The NY Dept. of Health Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments. One of the few government-sponsored guidelines on this subject. Hot off the press. Updated in April, 2000.

EIFS Information:

Find an EIFS inspector and info about EIFS inspections at the not-for-profit Exterior Design Institute

The EIFS Industry Manufacturer's Association (EIMA) Website for information from the manufacturer's.

Other Interesting Stuff:

Hydronic and Steam Heating information is available at Dan Holohan's Heating Help page. This guy knows more about hot water than pretty much anyone around. The site has an excellent set of technical articles, Q&A, and discussion boards. If you just can't get enough technical info, he's also got books for sale, recommended reading lists, etc.

Search this site.

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