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Building consulting and building performance diagnostics

We provide a wide range of building consulting services, related primarily to building construction quality, moisture control, and the performance of the building envelope. Some of our areas of expertise are described below. If you have any questions about these services, or if you would like to discuss your building issues with us, please contact us.

Building Construction Quality
We provide consulting services during or after the construction process, to aid building owners in achieving the highest levels of building quality. During construction, we aid general contractors and building owners in providing oversight and quality control services to verify proper performance of subcontractors to contract documents, industry and trade standards, and building codes. We also provide construction code consulting to aid builders and owners in understanding these issues, and in finding solutions that meet both Code and performance requirements.

In existing buildings, we investigate building failures and performance issues in order to identify underlying building defects and the causes for building failures, and to help prepare for remediation. Where building failures are due to negligence, incompetence or fraud, we provide expert witness services related to litigation of various parties' responsibilities. We are also experienced with alternate dispute resolution through the arbitration and mediation processes.

Moisture Intrusion Investigations
We have a unique level of understanding of how and why moisture gets into buildings - whether it is water leaking through roofs and siding, seeping through foundations, condensing inside, or something completely different.   Understanding the physics of these moisture issues allows us to rapidly diagnose the sources of water and provide recommendations for repair. 

Building Performance - Comfort & Energy
Problems with performance of the building envelope often are related to either moisture issues or comfort issues.   Moisture issues are discussed above. Comfort issues are generally related to some combination of improper application of insulation, ventilation, air sealing, and similar materials and techniques.  Building performance and energy related issues are also often affected by the HVAC system. As licensed engineers and home inspectors, we have a unique understanding and insight into these cross-discipline performance problems.  We investigate comfort issues and similar performance issues just as we do moisture issues. We employ sophisticated moisture, air, and temperature sensing equipment to help diagnose comfort complaints, and we provide recommendations for correction and repair of the issues we discover.

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