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Building Performance Evaluations

As buildings become tighter and more energy efficient, they also become more prone to problems with energy performance, moisture and odor accumulation, and indoor air quality. Thorough evaluations of building performance can help to diagnose areas where the insulation, air infiltration and moisture barriers, mechanical systems, and other building components are not working properly, or are not working properly together as a system.  

By evaluating the building and its components as a system, we can often diagnose IAQ and performance complaints that cannot be solved by technicians familiar with only the individual systems themselves.

Indoor Air Quality Evaluations

These subjects are listed together because of their basic interrelationships. IAQ issues are generally associated with building performance issues. These issues include such subjects as moisture and its sources, air pressures and pathways, insulation, ventilation, vapor movement, etc. The key to identifiying the sources of IAQ complaints is to accurately evaluate the performance of the building systems.

We use blower doors, smoke pencils, and other diagnostic equipment to help map building pressures and pathways to help us in identifying sources of possible contaminants and help solving comfort and other building performance problems.

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