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Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

Wood destroying insects are common throughout the country. They cause untold millions of dollars in damage every year. A professional WDI inspection can aid in determining if any of these insects are currently active in your house, or if there is any serious damage from previous infestations. Because of the potential for serious damage, most banks and lending institutions require a WDI certificate prior to approving a mortgage. We use the standard NPMA report form which meets this lender requirement.

A WDI inspection, commonly referred to as a "termite" inspection, covers more than just termites. It covers all wood destroying insects visibly active in any given building. Our inspectors will also point out visible conditions conducive to insect infestation and growth of other organisms such as mold and fungus, depending on local requirements. The most common insects encountered in our service area are subterranean termites, powder post beetles, old house borers, and carpenter ants.

Our WDI inspectors are NJDEP licensed pesticide applicators. They report their findings on a form that has been designed by the NPMA (National Pest Management Association). This form has been adopted by HUD/FHA/VA and is accepted by most lending institutions.

Almost Home does not provide any pesticide treatments, so there is no conflict of interest. We are in the business of inspecting buildings, not treating them. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't give away "free" pest inspections, and we don't pay our "inspectors" a commission on every treatment job they sell. We look for bugs and tell you if there is any evidence of current or past activity and damage. That is the role of an inspector. That said, we do occasionally hire inspectors from licensed companies to perform our pest inspections. If so, we allow them to provide you with a treatment estimate if you so desire. Rest assured that there is no pressure for you to hire them for treatment, and we verify all signs of pest activity that they discover. Our only concern is to provide you the most accurate information about your building, and we scrupulously avoid even perceived conflicts in interest.

Key Benefits

  • Early detection of infestation can prevent serious damage to your home
  • Prior to purchase or refinancing, your lender may require this inspection
  • Our inspectors point out conditions that encourage infestation, so you can correct these conditions before any infestations occur. As in most things, the best treatment is prevention.


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