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About Almost Home, Inc.

Almost Home is a full service inspection and engineering consulting company, founded in 1995. We specialize in historic and unusual properties, both residential and commercial. Since 1995, we have inspected thousands of buildings that range in age from new construction to some of the earliest settlers of New Jersey (ca. 1680).

Our inspectors are licensed Professional Engineers, licensed Home Inspectors,  and certified members of ASHI (the American Society of Home Inspectors). We are fully insured and licensed where appropriate for our services. Our home inspections meet NJ and ASHI Standards of Practice. Please contact us directly for any further information.

Almost Home follows a strict Code of Ethics. We do not offer to repair any conditions we identify during prepurchase inspections. We also do not offer to recommend repair services or contractors with whom we have any financial interest. We do not give or accept commissions for referrals. Our inspectors do not earn commissions on sales of additional services or products beyond the home inspection.  It is critical that your inspection company be an impartial third party, interested only in providing you with the most accurate and complete information about your building.

Our staff is trained and experienced in a variety of fields related to homes and their systems. Check out our bio page for details.

We also publish articles in various journals.

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Peter Engle, PE has recently received his certification as an EIFS Special Inspector under the NJ Uniform Construction Code.  Congratulations!
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